Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model

CISOM: Clinically integrated supply chain framework for healthcare providers

The HIMSS Analytics Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model (CISOM) incorporates methodology and algorithms to evaluate and score a health system's clinically integrated supply chain maturity. This eight-stage (0-7) model is intended for health system's looking to improve automated supply chain infrastructure at the point of care to proactively identify risk of adverse events to strengthen quality and safety for patients.The CISOM evaluates and provides a road map for clinically integrated supply chain outcomes improvement including the focus areas of:

Automation: automation of data capture for products, care processes, clinician teams, procurement, traceability of products and supplies.

Clinical Integration: clinical integration of supply chain expertise in clinical programs, automated data captured at point of care

Predictive Data Analytics: data captured at point of care, uploaded and translated into knowledge of forecast purchasing, productivity, to identify value, safety at point of care

Governance and Leadership: C-suite leaders view supply chain infrastructure as a strategic asset for the organisation, mobilize teams to advance supply chain strategy.

Build procurement best practices informed by real world evidence emerging from supply chain data. Identify solutions and products that work best for patients and use data to inform and improve care through enabling proactive risk management personalised to population segments.

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