HIMSS Launches Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model: CISOM

HIMSS Analytics

Today, HIMSS announced the newest Maturity Model to enter the market, the Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model (CISOM).  The CISOM is an outcomes-based model that provides healthcare organizations with a strategic roadmap to advance supply chain infrastructure and strengthen quality and safety of care.

The CISOM is an eight stage model (0 – 7) that begins with the adoption of global standards, and progresses towards automated inventory management, clinically integrated supply chain data analytics to inform decisions and the utilization of predictive analytics to identify risks to patients so clinicians can prevent adverse events.  Organizations are able to adopt and implement criteria in the model through the four key focus areas:

  • Automation
  • Clinical Integration
  • Predictive Data Analytics
  • Governance and Leadership

Leveraging the CISOM, healthcare providers will be able to track and trace all aspects of care to help proactively identify, manage and eliminate waste, and reduce the prevalence of errors. Automated supply chain infrastructure at the point of care identifies the risk of adverse events, and cues clinicians to proactively intervene to strengthen quality outcomes.

In early pilot tests, a number of healthcare systems have already seen value in using the CISOM.

  • One health system in the United States was able to uncover $1 billion in savings as a direct outcome of optimizing and transforming supply chain processes.  Most savings were due to inventory management, including a 29.5% decline in labor costs and 33% decline in supply costs.
  • Another health system in Canada, covering an entire province, realized $301,438,786 (CAD) in savings over seven years, in inventory only.
  • A national health system in the United Kingdom is expected to save £1,034,000,000 by year seven of their work with CISOM, £30 million per month for all Trusts. This is the equivalent of 16 full time employees in labor savings per Trust.

The CISOM is now globally available. For more information, visit: www.himssanalytics.org/cisom.