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Installing new technologies and implementing new information processes in your organisation is not always an easy task. Those who can provide guidance and best practices are not always easy to find. The HIMSS Analytics Maturity Model frameworks were built to assist organisations around the globe efficiently and effectively adopt and get the most out of their technology investments.

To guide organisations along the way, HIMSS Analytics Certified organisations have been professionally trained on the HIMSS Analytics Maturity Models: EMRAM, O-EMRAM, AMAMCCMM, and DIAM. These Certified organisations are able to effectively educate and guide you as you progress through the maturity model stages.

These organisations are extremely knowledgeable and provide a variety of consultancy and on-site assessment services. Work with our Certified organisations to:

  • Get assistance in strategic roadmap planning
  • Become evaluated with a Stage 6 or Stage 7 gap analysis
  • Prepare for your validation

Certified Organisations:

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